Kara was diagnosed with food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) in August of 2010. She has had many FPIES reactions and complications that have lead to numerous hospitalizations and specialist appointments. It was a huge sigh of relief to finally have some answers and a diagnosis, however we have to remind ourselves daily that this is a very serious disease and this is only the beginning of the long road we have in front of us.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping for Kara today and came home with a massive headache. Maybe it was from mowing the lawn/leaves and my horrible allergies to both, maybe it was the fact that I was at Walmart at 5:00 PM on a Friday, maybe it was because I had my 3 year old with who thinks she's too big to sit in a cart and that she needs everything she sees, or maybe it was because I'm SICK AND TIRED of having NO options of foods for Kara.

I did my research before I left. We've played around with wheat lately so I had confidence that I could find quite a few more options of things for her. I also searched the store for some fruit options that had low fructose and that I could find in a dried fruit, fresh fruit and juice. There's no such thing. I ended up picking up some dried mango and some fresh mango, having no idea where mango is on the fructose list. I'll have to research that a little more before I actually give it to her but I had high hopes. Towards the end of the store I picked up some pineapple too, after running into that everywhere - juice, dried, canned, fresh. No clue where that is on the "list" but I'll be doing my research anyway.

I wish I had a private grocery shopper, and the trust in that person to know that they know everything that I do about what she can and can't have. Grocery shopping for Kara stresses me out more than I can even explain. Anyone up for shopping for a diet that contains only corn, banana, green beans, beef and wheat but doesn't contain egg, dairy, soy, rice or oat? I challenge you!

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